Cookies policy

We use cookies on our website to manage logins, to provide personalized websites and to customize advertising and other content to reflect your particular needs and interests. Cookies can also be used to compile anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how the public uses our website and help to improve its structure and content. We can not verify your personal identity from this information. Be aware that some features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose to opt out of cookies, these features may not be available.

What are the cookies?
"Cookies" are small pieces of text files, which are stored in the user's browser when he visits a website. The information stored on the user's computer may contain information such as which pages the user has visited, the date and time of the visit as well as a random and unique user ID. With this use, the site is able to store useful information for the user's browsing the site, as well as read this information to offer the user a unified browsing experience.
Υπάρχουν δύο διαφορετικοί τύποι cookies: Session και Persistent. Χρησιμοποιούνται για διαφορετικά πράγματα και περιέχουν διαφορετικές πληροφορίες.
Τα Session cookies περιέχουν πληροφορίες που χρησιμοποιούνται στην τρέχουσα περιήγηση του browser σας. Αυτά τα cookies διαγράφονται αυτόματα όταν κλείνετε το πρόγραμμα περιήγησης σας. Τίποτα δεν παραμένει στον υπολογιστή σας έπειτα από την έξοδό σας από το site.
Τα Persistent cookies χρησιμοποιούνται για την αποθήκευση πληροφοριών που χρησιμοποιούνται μεταξύ των επισκέψεων. Τα δεδομένα αυτά επιτρέπουν στα sites να αναγνωρίσουν ότι είστε πελάτης που επιστρέφει στο site για άλλη μια φορά και αντιδρά αναλόγως. Τα Persistent cookies έχουν διάρκεια ζωής η οποία ορίζεται από την ιστοσελίδα, η οποία μπορεί να κυμαίνεται από μερικά λεπτά ή και αρκετά χρόνια.

Whch cookies do we use on our site?
The cookies we use are known as "persistent cookies".
Persistent cookies are stored as files on your computer and remain there when you close the browser, unless you delete them
We do not use cookies to extract information about your traffic to other websites, or to verify personal information other than those that you have provided to us, voluntarily. Cookies do not corrupt or harm your computer, programs or files. In any case, cookies facilitate the best service and user experience when visiting the Company's website and we recommend that you have them enabled.
Even if you choose not to allow their use, you can still enjoy the full functionality of our website. But then you have to re-enter some of your data in each visit. In case you allow the operation of cookies and you use a shared computer, please sign off at the end of your visit

Absolutely necessary cookies
The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, they allow you to browse and use its functions, such as access to safe areas or use the shopping cart. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, we can not offer effective operation of our website.

Functionality Cookies
These cookies allow the website to remember the user's choices such as username, language or region, in order to provide improved and personalized functions. They can also be used to provide user-requested services, such as video viewing or social media use. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymous and it is not possible to track browsing activity on other websites. If you do not accept these cookies, the performance and functionality of the website may be affected and your access to its content may be restricted.

Performance cookies
These cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, for example, which pages they visit most often and whether they receive error messages from web pages. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website.

Analysis cookies
These cookies collect information about your browsing behavior on our website, such as which pages of our website are frequently visited and if you receive error messages. Through this we are able to make the structure, navigation and content of the site as friendly as possible to you. We do not link statistics and other reporting data to individuals.
We use these cookies for:

  • The recording of the number of visitors to our websites
  • The recording of the duration of each visit to our websites
  • Determining the sequence / order in which you visit the various pages on our site
  • Evaluate the points of the site that need improvement
  • Website optimization

We may use software such as Google Analytics to analyze page usage, page interactions, and paths through our sites. These are known as "website metrics" or "analytics". Google Analytics is an online analytics service offered by Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze the use of the site by Users. Google uses aggregate statistics to give Avis an idea of ​​how users are using the site.
Also Web analytics cookies, from our Google partners, allow us to monitor the interaction of customers within our website. This gives us valuable information that allows us to improve the website, the products and the services we offer.
Η Google δύναται να παράσχει τέτοιου είδους στοιχεία σε τρίτα μέρη μόνο αν υποχρεωθεί από το νόμο.

Τhird-party Cookies
These cookies are placed by our partners on our behalf. These cookies collect data on the performance of ads and your interaction with our website. This data may be used by our affiliates to draw statistical conclusions and improve your advertising experience as a visitor.

Social networking cookies.
These cookies are necessary for the connection of your account in the social networks with our website. For example, to allow you to repost and share with your friends on social media information on our website or to indicate that you want to follow our social media page. Social networking cookies are not required for your navigation on our website.

What are your rights and where can you find more information about the protection of the personal data they collect cookies;
For more information on the protection of your personal data, but also on your rights see Privacy Policy.

Where can you find more information about general use of cookies?
More information on the general use of cookies, as well as the methods of excluding or restricting them, can be found at and

Changes to the Cookies Policy.
This Cookies Policy is subject to change at any time. For this reason, we consider it appropriate to refer to this Policy regularly.