Payment methods

By ordering online from you can choose payment in the following ways:

Cash on delivery

Your order is executed immediately, you receive it at your place from the courier company and you pay on the spot with delivery. COD is valid for orders under 200 euros.

Payment by bank deposit

For payment by deposit in a bank account, you are given the bank details at the end of your order. To reduce any delay in the execution of your order, please indicate the order number as the reason for deposit so that the relevant crossover can take place immediately. Then please let us know at 27210-24169 or email us the proof of deposit at

You can make your deposit in the following accounts:

National Bank

Account no: 220/201475-04

Iban: GR140 110 220 000 002 202 014 7504

Peiraios Bank

Account no: 6771-115901-590

Iban: GR300 171 771 000 677 111 590 1590

Alpha Bank

Account no: 500 002 320 003 207

Iban: GR040 140 500 050 000 232 000 3207

Payment by debit or credit card

You can pay for your order through Alpha Bank's secure platform using your credit or debit card.

Πληρωμή με χρηματοδότηση

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